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Tenants in Louisiana – Procedures for Making Improvements in the Rental Property

Tenants in Louisiana – What happens if you have made improvements to the rental property? Will you be paid by the landlord for it? Here are guidelines for tenants in Louisiana if improvements are made.

At the termination of the lease, absent a contrary agreement, improvements, attachments or additions made by the tenant to the property are dealt with as follows:

The tenant may remove his/her improvements if he/she restores the property to its former condition. If the tenant fails to remove the improvements, then:

  1. The landlord may pay the tenant for the cost of the improvements or for the enhanced value of the leased thing—whichever is less.

  2. The landlord may demand that the tenant remove the improvements within a reasonable time and restore the property to its original condition.

If the tenant fails to remove the improvements, the landlord may:

  • Remove the improvements and restore the property to its former condition at the expense of the tenant.

  • Acquire the improvements without any obligation to reimburse the tenant.

Source: Louisiana landlord and tenant guide.


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